We'll Be Back Soon!

The SERP conditions are changing and we're currently revamping our tool. But don't fear, we will be back bigger and gnarlier than ever.

Search Engine Result Pages

Every year Google updates and improves its search engine ranking algorithm hundreds of times. Despite the fact most of these changes are simply a drop in the ocean, every now and then Google introduces a major algorithmic update that rocks the boat and significantly affects search results.

For experienced marketers and search engine grommets alike, navigating the choppy waters of Google's algorithm updates can be too hectic for some. was developed to help show fluctuations in rankings and organic website traffic as a result of Google's algorithm changes. Understanding these updates can be critical to ensure your business doesn't wipeout from the search engine rankings.

What is

This is the Australian surf report, for Google! You can see how turbulent Google's result pages have been over time and see how results correspond to Google algorithm updates.

We are currently tracking more than 50,000 data points each month and serving it up to you as a free tool!

You can see how much change there was in the Google landscape represented here by the 'Swell'. Currently the 'Wind', 'Water Temperature' and 'Clarity' are just for show.